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Our production department is headed by Robert Rhodin (Producer) and Judyta Fibiger (Director)

Judyta Fibiger Writer/Director/Producer

Judyta Fibiger is the author of the book You Don’t Know Your Own, or, Poland through Foreign Eyes. She also produced the documentary film Beats of Freedom, the first flagship film of the Guide to the Poles documentary series produced by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.

She is the director of the next film in the series, entitled Political Dress, which examines Polish history, culture and society in the tumultous years of socialism through the way people dressed.

Fibiger’s other production credits include coordinating production on the film The Anti-Americans – a documentary film for the American PBS television station – and Ghost of the Baltic Sea – Partisan Pictures for National Geographic production.

Fibiger was also the co-script writer for a feature film about Pola Negri, entitled: Negri for which she won a screenwriting scholarship from the Polish Film Institute, as well as the co-creator of the TV series Lost Portraits about the banishment of Poles during the Second World War. The project qualified for the final of a Polish television competition.

She worked as a director for television for the TVP Kultura programme and Canal+, making such films as The Real Life of Roman Polański, Lolalou and Gambling in Poland. She is also reative editor at the Publishing and Design Group, where she co-created the magazines Pure and Futu. As a journalist, she has written for the magazines Twój Styl, Film, Podróże, A4 and Playboy.