R O B E R T    R H O D I N

20 years of experience in 3D animation and  programming. Robert created the first animation studios in Sweden 2008 and produced the first 3D animated feature film Gnomes & Trolls – The Secret Chamber. He has worked in TV, Commercials and Feature film production since 1992 in Europe and North America. He has a deep knowledge of blockchain and how to implement the various tools in decentralized animated production environments.

J U D Y T A    F I B I G E R

Mrs Judyta Fibiger is a film director and producer. She had produced/directed several documentary movies. She is an author of 3 books including “You don’t know what’s yours…. Poland through the eyes of foreigners”, which was released in a million copies and biography of a legendary Biba creator Barbara Hulanicki.

M I H A I    M I L I T A R U

Full Stack developer responsible for our asset management and coproduction asset management system. Mihai was involved during two of our feature productions and handled all back end support. Mihai has deep knowledge in network programming and especially when handling large databases which needs to be updated simultaneously and accessed from several request points.

R O N    X U

Technical director which was responsible for technical aspects like character rigging and python scripts. Ron has won several awards for his 3D work and is a Chendu/China resident. He has been involved with WHITESHARK in three different CGI projects.

K O R N E L I A    K W O K A

Kory has been working for several years on Astrid Silverlock as a concept artist.She was responsible for Character Design and Environment Design. She was also involved in Gnomes & Trolls – The Secret Chamber feature film and has currently created several exteriors and character concepts for TROLLHUNTERS.

S I R   R O G E R   M O O R E

(Voice of LEIF in Troll Hunters) 

He is best known for having played Ian Fleming’s British secret agent James Bond in seven feature films from 1973 to 1985. He also played Simon Templar in the television series The Saint from 1962 to 1969 and Lord Brett Sinclair in The Persuaders! from 1971 to 1972 with Tony Curtis.

P E T E R   S T O R M A R E

(Voice of MINI in Trollhunters, Spike in Gnomes & Trolls (SE)) 

Peter Stormare is a Swedish actor, voice actor, theatre director, playwright, and musician. He is best known for playing the roles of Gaear Grimsrud in the 1996 film Fargo, John Abruzzi in the Fox TV series Prison Break. Except of being in two WHITESHARK movies Peter has voiced Strange Magic for Lucasfilm and Madagascar for Dreamworks.