White Shark Studios is an independent animation studios based in Warsaw, Poland.

We are focusing on 3D animated content for cinema, television or handheld media.

Our most successful productions are Gnomes & Troll – The Secret Chamber which has been released on 85 markets and reached top ten box office on three territories.

Baby Pirates is another property we are currently developing. It was voted Amazon Prime Star in 2016 with over 500.000 unique views on the Amazon Prime Video platform during two months.

Currently White Shark Studios is producing the full length animation movie TROLLHUNTERS which has used several innovative ways to fund the production. We have introduced the TROLL ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain which is representing the movie rights. You can read more about the production on TOKIT.IO or TROLLHUNTERS.IO.

We are also producing Documentaries and our partner Judyta Fibiger has successfully produced 3 full length documentaries with distribution and screenings on international festivals in New York, Tokyo, Paris, Moscow, London etc.